How to ask question on Instagram story

How to ask question on Instagram story

Here is however you’ll raise a matter on Instagram story.

Instagram with its question feature has become a brand-new favorite for millions. You’ll have encountered your friends standing on Instagram wherever they permit you to raise a matter and once you respond they reply thereto that somehow conjointly helps you retain your followers engaged. Isn’t that interesting? Have you ever tried it? otherwise, you are still determining the way to raise queries on Instagram story.

However, you don’t want some advanced information to raise queries on Instagram. Solely in barely some easy steps, you’ll be able to make out on your own.

So, for you here may be an in small stages orient the way to raise queries on Instagram:

Step 1: when work into your Instagram account faucet the circular button along with your profile image and a +sign, within the higher left corner.

Step 2: choose the kind of Instagram story you would like to share: traditional, boomerang, rewind etc (You will even click an image or choose one from your gallery.)

Step 3: Once you’ve taken or uploaded a photograph or video to stories, faucet the sticker with an emoticon face button close to the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: faucet the queries sticker.

Step 5: By default, the sticker can say “Ask me a matter.” faucet this text to sort your own question or prompt.

Step 6: By default, the sticker are white. Faucet one amongst the color beneath the sticker to vary its colour. (Note: you’ll be able to swipe from right to left on the color bar to examine 2 additional sets of colors.)

Step 7: once you’re through with your question, faucet “Done” within the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 8: currently from here, you’ll be able to rotate, size and drag the sticker round the screen to the best suit your post before sharing it.

How to notice responses.

Now to seek out the response you’ve got to open your story then faucet within the bottom-left corner that shows what number folks have viewed your story. currently, from here, you’ll be able to manage responses.

You can even repost the queries by tagging them. This may merely advise the person who you’ve created their response public.

Apart from the question feature, here is however you’ll be able to delete your Instagram account.

How to delete an Instagram account:

Step 1: attend the ‘Delete My Account’ page on Instagram’s official web site.

Step 2: Login to Instagram on the web, if you’re not already logged in on your browser.

Step 3: Select a reason for deleting your account from the drop-down menu right next to ‘Why are you deleting your account’. The option to delete your account permanently will only appear after you’ve stated the reason for deleting it.

Step 4: Re-enter your password and click on ‘Permanently delete my account’.

An account can be deleted permanently only when you are logged in to your account, so, if you don’t remember your password, you can reset your password using your phone number, email address, or Facebook account.

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