How to Sell Using Instagram 2019

There’s no doubt that Instagram is extremely popular these days. Hundreds and thousands of people are logging on to this site at least 5 times every day to tell the world how they feel, to connect with their friends, and to be entertained. This makes this site a good marketing place for anybody who’s selling just about anything.

Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to easily sell your products and services through this micro-blogging site:

  1. First, I would suggest that you have your own website or blog first where you can send your potential clients to. As you’re limited to 160 characters per Post, it’s best if you have your own site where interested parties can read your articles, product reviews, and recommendations. When you write something new, all you need to do is to Post about it and just include the link of your website or blog.
  2. After getting your own account on Instagram, the next step to take is to follow people to grow your network. Focus on those who share the same interest and who are most likely to get interested with your offerings. Find ways on how you can get these people to follow you as well. Be a great source of information related to your chosen niche to spark interest.
  3. “Mingle” before you sell. Keep in mind that the goal of people who use Instagram is to socialize online. So, don’t sell them anything right away. If your first conversation with these people already includes sales pitches, they’ll ignore you right away. You don’t want to create a thick wall between you and your prospects, right? So, socialize. React to their Posts, tell them stories, entertain and inform them.
  4. Offer great deals. This is especially useful if you’re in the process of building your client base. You can easily attract more first-time buyers if you give them discounts or freebies. If these people were happy with their first purchase, they surely wouldn’t mind doing business with you again. Not only that, they’ll also most likely to recommend you to their Instagram friends.
  5. Be active. Be very visible on Instagram so your prospects will not easily forget about you. Post something entertaining or informative every single day. Avoid talking about your products and services all the time if you don’t want to annoy your Buy Instagram Followers Australia. Also, learn how to do soft selling. Know how to sound persuasive without being too pushy.
  6. Provide accurate product-related information. Before you can convince people to buy your products, you need to convince them first that you can offer them great value for their money. Provide them with all the important information they need to know about what you’re selling. Better yet, offer them with comprehensive product review. Tell them why the product is great and how they can benefit from using it. 7. Provide 100% satisfaction. People on Instagram can easily share their thoughts and experience with just few clicks on their mouse. Make them happy and you can be assured that they’ll help you get the word out about your products and business. For More Information Please Visit

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