How to Attract Followers in Instagram Without Using Any Expensive Programs

I tried to use Instagram Almost Three months ago. It was basically an experiment for me. I wanted to know what the fuzz is about, and because I was writing articles about it for my former employer.

So what is the hype all about? Instagram is a Micro-Blogging form of Social Networking. Instagram is currently ranked as #3 amongst famous social networking sites. At first, you may think that limiting you to 140 text characters per tweet is not good. However, when you actually learn how to Post using less than 140 text characters, then you will appreciate how Instagram runs. It is not impossible to talk using 140 text characters. Just imagine yourself sending text messages, it may be limited but can get your message across to your recipient.

Now, I may be a newbie when it comes to Instagram verse, but currently I already have 815 followers there .Learn How to Follow – Nobody can get a thousand followers in less than 24 hours, not even if you are using some sort of automatic follow program. (I know this, because I’ve tried to use all types of follow applications). If you want to have more followers, then you must first learn to follow your targeted audience, and let them come to you (on their own terms).

Be helpful – If somebody asks for something online, if you know what the topic is about, then you can always answer back to that person’s tweet. The more you give back to them, the more you will attract new follows.

Avoid being rude – This is a common practice in Instagram (Unfortunately), people always follow you just to get your attention, after they see that you are already a follower, they automatically un-follow you. This is not cool at all! Most especially if your goal is making new friends online or using your Instagram account for marketing purposes. The moment you do that, you will automatically be on everybody’s top list of whom not to follow. Don’t be rude! If you want people to start noticing you.

Using Direct Messages Properly – This is again, the most common way of irritating your followers. Never send a direct message to your new follows that tells them to click this and that (if you are trying to sell something via clicking). Direct messaging must be used properly; it is for sending important messages and not for flooding your new followers with links. You can always update your Post without sending direct messages full of links to your Buy Followers UK .

Attracting more followers is good, most especially if you are using your Instagram account for business or for gaining more friends online. There is no need for one to buy expensive programs just to get more followers and only for them to unfollow you back the moment they notice that you are only spamming them with your advertisements.

Be patient! You are not a superstar, so do not expect people to follow you the moment you join Instagram. If you act and use your Instagram account properly, I’m sure that one day to your followers’ eyes, you will be more than a Superstar and Instagram Followers UK .

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